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97-Years-Old shifts to Plant Based Diet; Reveals Normal Range Health Reports Leaving the Doctor Shocked


Josephine Spagnero, 97, has shifted to consuming a plant based diet and changed her lifelong habit of consuming meat and dairy for good. She is reaping various benefits after this shift and now walks for up to 3 miles a day and is off all her medications.

Under the doctor’s supervision she is now off all medications and has been living medicine free for about 11 months. She is extremely happy with the shift in her body that is energetic and amazing the whole day. Change in diet and walking has helped her immensely. She is noticeably happy and hopes others look at her as an example. Her son in law O’Grey is also hoping that his mother-in-law can be a case study for others. People can see how powerful the impact of a plant-based diet can be at any life stage and age.

She had been on medications since 30 years for type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure and had always lived alone. Recently, she shifted with her daughter and son-in-law who are vegans. She was leading a sedentary lifestyle, rarely moving during the day and relying on medications since long. But everything seems to have changed since her daughter and son-in-law got worried and convinced her to start eating a whole-food plant-based diet.

Spagnero though not much convinced started with the diet but now looking at her well being and effects of the diet on her health is extremely happy. She got a full panel of blood work done and was as surprised as the doctor. The reports blew away both of them. Every level counts whether diabetes, high blood glucose or blood pressure are now within the normal range. The doctor is impressed by the transformation.


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