A Woman Considers Hypnotherapy as a last-ditch attempt to cure her Boyfriend of “Vegan” Phobia


Veganism is one of the best ways to plan your diet without harming a living thing. Many are embracing it, but some fear of turning vegan will make them weak. A woman recently took to the internet to share her struggles with her meat-eating boyfriend. She said that she wants her boyfriend to turn vegan before thanksgiving, which is around the corner.

Her boyfriend, who is into fitness and bodybuilding, fears that plants will make him weak. The said woman even tried tricking him into eating vegan bolognese. But that wasn’t successful as he guessed something was fishy and refused to try the meal.

The woman posted that she is now looking for a hypnotist who would turn her boyfriend vegan. She said that she is ready to pay $1000 to anyone prepared to cure her boyfriend of the fear of veganism.

VeganLiftz site founder Jason Hughes was surprised when he came across the weird request of this woman. He said that he completely understands the struggle of the woman. There are many people who assume a vegan or vegetarian diet would not sustain a body lifting lifestyle.

Assumptions include that there won’t be enough protein available for the body. However, many researchers have time and time again proved that vegan diets are balanced and can provide the body with sufficient nutrients.

The woman is practically begging any vegan hypnotist out there to cure her “vegan phonic meat-eating boyfriend.” Differences in their diet and lifestyles have caused a rift between the two. People have been known to be afraid of trying a new food or new things called neophobia.


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