Animal Testing skipped in Corona Virus Vaccine


Cruelty of humans is not news. Humans have repeatedly killed and tortured almost every living species on earth. Coronavirus, some believe, is nature’s own way of giving it back to humans. While all mankind struggles with the menace of the virus, scientists are busy finding a vaccine against this viral attack.

The magnitude of the problem has changed our response to crises of this kind and hence we are looking for novel approaches to tackle this problem. One such approach is skipping animal trials in order to make vaccines.

Animal rights activists have long pressed on this issue. They have cited problems like consent. An animal can not consent for a trial of any medicine on it. Hence, it becomes extremely cruel to use them as props. The coronavirus vaccines being developed across the world are mostly skipping animal trials. This is because of the lack of time.

The National Institute of Health has also skipped animal testing and now the medicine will directly be tested on humans. Testing is in process. First lot or batch of vaccines may take 16 to 18 months to finish. It is only after this period that the vaccine will be made available to people.

A total of 45 volunteers from the US have stepped forward for testing. This is a brave and positive step and is being lauded by animal lovers. This would skip the painful steps that animals would have had to bear unnecessarily. Apparently, in a lot of vaccine trials animals are burned, poisoned, sedated and killed mercilessly in the name of development of vaccines.


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