Armstrong Fitness moves to new, larger location in Madison Village

Armstrong Fitness moves to new, larger location in Madison Village


Michele Armstrong, owner of Armstrong Fitness, likes to describe her clients and staff working with her as ‘gym family.’ And recently, this family shifted to a new location.

Armstrong Fitness, which was previously located in Madison Township has now been relocated to Madison Village.

Though an expert moving form handled the weight machines as well as other heavy equipment while relocating, Michele was happy to see a few gym members help transport smaller items to the gym’s new location.

Its like a blessing to have such amazing gym members, said Michele who is thankful to have such an extended family.

The new Armstrong Fitness center opened on 29 September at 402 N. Lake St. The gym is located in a portion of one brick building which seems to be designed for some warehouse, with high garage doors and ceilings where trucks were once parked to get loaded.

Notably, Michele began hunting new locations for her gym previously this year as it was getting impossible to accommodate her staff as well as clients in the Madison Township site. She had been operating there since around 2015 and her business was previously called ‘Be Fit Gym.’ However, she had to change it to ‘Armstrong Fitness’ last year as Michele faced a legal lawsuit by a known gym which claimed it had the ‘Be Fit’ brand name trademarked.


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