Athletes Advised To Turn Vegan To Get Maximum Testosterone Benefits


The World Health Organisation had declared processed meats being Group 1 carcinogen to humans and Red meats got classified as Group 2a. Various life threatening diseases from diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes to poor mental health have been associated with the consumption of animal products from time to time.

Currently the study is on whether the animal products are really necessary for athletes to peak their performance. Many leading athletes in the world have declared that they have gone vegan and found the diet benefiting their performance in the game. The current consumption of animal products has become too much. The UN has in fact said that it is one of the most urgent problems of the modern day world lifestyle.

Research is showing athletes really do not need the animal products as is projected. Take the case of Testosterone. It is considered one of the most important tools for athletes (both male and female) to perform well. They need it to build stamina and conduct spatial-based activities.

The testosterone ratio in the blood between meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans when compared shows that the vegans win with a 13% difference in testosterone compared to athletes who eat meat.

The research also shows that vegans are less likely to get prostate cancer by 9 percent. Even the vegetarians didn’t fare well. Because one needs to cut out all the animal products including dairy and only cutting out meat and fish is not enough. Ditching the animal products completely is the best way to get maximum testosterone benefits and reduce the cancer risk.


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