Baskin Robbins Launches New Vegan Flavour in India


Vegans have been raving about the new plant based offering from Baskin Robbins in India. The company has launched Raspberry Sorbet made from the choicest raspberries. This water based dessert is tangy, sweet and reminds you of all things fresh. The juiciest berries have used to make this summer favorite frozen delight.

Baskin Robbins had successfully launched Mississippi Mud and Alphonso Mango, the other vegan flavors earlier and got a thundering response for the same. Raspberry Sorbet is their third offering from the same line. One can order it from any Baskin Robbins parlour through Zomato or Swiggy and enjoy the delicious vegan product safely at your homes. You can call them for delivery of large orders.

It is great for weight watchers too who want to satisfy their sweet cravings. The sorbet not only tastes delicious but also has a splendid crimson color that looks mouth watering. Its look gives you a calm and fresh feeling. It is great to perk up sweaty afternoons as its super light and refreshing especially meant for a hot summer day.

One look at the picture and you will know what we are talking about. This beautiful looking sorbet cools down your body leaving it refreshed and your mouth full of flavor. It is not to be missed by anyone vegan, non vegan alike. Taste a scoop to know what we mean! Grab the phone and place your orders now and enjoy the tangy- sweet taste safely at your home.


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