Ben and Jerry’s new flavor, “Save our Swirled now”, is winning the hearts of everyone


Vermont based icecream brand Ben’s and Jerry’s is making news in the vegan world for its new flavor, Save our Swirled now. Ben’s and Jerry’s has always been a massive advocate of climate. It is doing everything in its power to spread the message across. Moreover, it also uses environment-friendly techniques to make ice cream.

Their brand new vegan flavor is dedicated to sustainability and is called Save Our Swirled Now!. It is a take on “Save our world now!”. The unique flavor was spotted initially spotted at a British supermarket chain called Sainsbury’s. And now has been seen across many stores in the UK. However, it has not reached the United States yet.

The new flavor is coconut-based. It has a coconut-flavored almond milk ice cream base, with decadent swirls of caramel, cookie, and chocolate chunks. People have been going ga ga over the delicious taste of the new ice cream. It is a treat for all the sustainable taste buds out there.

Ben’s and Jerry’s have for long desired to join the ongoing fight against climate change. And now, with their new flavor, they have incorporated sustainability into their branding. Their company has been dedicated to finding eco-friendly ways to deal with their production. On their website, they have mentioned how they aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Moreover, they have installed a series of solar panels at their Vermont-based factory, which generates a large amount of the plant’s power. They have also installed a bio-digester at their Netherlands factory that converts ice cream waste into clean energy. Ben’s and Jerry’s so uses climate-friendly freezers.

Their fight against climate change isn’t just social media activism. But they are taking practical steps to increase sustainability.


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