Coronavirus Scare Sees a Rise in Veganism


Coronavirus pandemic is making people go vegan. Data from food outlets in UAE show that as the world is fighting with COVID19, people are eating vegan food as a precautionary measure.

Since the coronavirus pandemic has spread, there have been several theories about the virus’ growth. One such theory is that eating animal meat can help in its spread. Because of this scare people are opting for vegan food over non-vegetarian.

Bareburger UAE also launched its new menu. In the promotions they are saying that they are now 50 percent vegan. Brand Manager for Bareburger, Fabrice Vriens says that people are going through a virusphobia for COVID19.

Vriens said that last year flexitarian diet was on rise. This year, it is more of plant based diet. Data also shows that sales of vegan burgers has increased in Dubai. It has gone up from 35 percent in January to 50 percent now.

Another plant based meat company Tofurky has seen a rise in sales. Since March, their growth has doubled. This year in March their sales shot up by 37% as compared to March 2019.

Tofurky said that advancements in plant based diet are also contributory factors. People now have a wide range of options to choose from. Texture and taste of plant based meat is also quite advanced now. People have a wide range to choose from. This is also playing a big role in the shift.

Meanwhile, COVID19 cases are still on the rise across the world. People are eating healthy food to boost their immunity. They are exploring all possible options to be safe from the virus.


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