County encourages fitness with monthly wellness program

County encourages fitness with monthly wellness program


The first monthly Community Wellness Expo was hosted by the Hidalgo County Wellness Department on Saturday.

Hidalgo County Precinct 2 Commissioner, Eduardo “Eddie” Cantu, also took part in the expo.

The expo was hosted at the Precinct 2 Indoor Sports Complex where baseball training is generally held. Local fitness enthusiasts as well as others seeking to start their fitness journey participated in the wellness expo.

Besides the encouragement provided by trainers, the morale of the participators was also boosted with hip hop music and reggaeton. The complex was rowing stationary bikes, machines, medicine balls and skiing machines.

Initially, the wellness expo was available for just the employees of Hidalgo County. However, Cantu described that now the county believes to open the program for the entire community and support healthier lifestyles.

The expo offered high intensity yoga and training. Besides, there were healthy food sellers as well who offered samples of low calorie and low-fat meals as well as cold-pressed fruit juices.

As per Cantu, one requires to work out as well as eat healthier. Many people might be exercising, but they aren’t eating healthy food and thus not seeing positive results while some eat well but may need extra fitness, Cantu added.

Cantu described that staying healthy and fit could be as easy as going on walks outside or enrolling in a gym.


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