Diabetes Risk In Children On A Rise, Finds Nutrition Survey; Symptoms Of Diabetes In Children

Diabetes Risk In Children On A Rise, Finds Nutrition Survey; Symptoms Of Diabetes In Children


Diabetes isn’t just affecting the adults but also the kids today. Diabetes in kids is known as juvenile diabetes. Typically, type-1 Diabetes is most commonly reported in kids but there are a few cases of type-2 Diabetes also observed in children now.

As per CNNS (Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey), there was an increasing diabetes risk was observed among kids in the last few years. It was observed that 1% of adolescents and school-age kids were diabetic. Moreover, 4% of adolescents and 3% of school-age kids had high levels of cholesterol. Besides, 7% of adolescents and school-age kids were at a risk of chronic kidney ailment while 5% of the adolescents were observed to have hypertension. These figures show the growing risk of non-communicable ailments among children.

Along with high cholesterol and diabetes, vitamin D and vitamin A deficiency, iron deficiency, anemia were also very common among kids.

Some diabetes symptoms are easy to detect and are visible among kids. A few symptoms of type-1 Diabetes include increase hunger, increased thrust, dizziness, sweating, increased urination, unexplained weight loss and others. Some type-2 Diabetes symptoms include heavy breathing, dry mouth, fatigue among others.

Diabetes can cause major complications if avoided, especially during childhood. You should immediately seek the help of a doctor if you happen to notice any of these symptoms in your kids.


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