Doctors turn to thumbs for diagnosis and treatment by text

Doctors turn to thumbs for diagnosis and treatment by text


In the present consumer-driven world, consumers are getting accustomed to gaining access to all kinds of service through their thumbs. This is the reason why companies like CirrusMD and a few others now offer their patients chat diagnosis.

Health diagnosis and treatment via chat is the recent wrinkle in healthcare convenience. CirrusMD as well as competitors such as K Health and 98point6 provide chat-based treatments for minor illnesses or injuries normally managed by a physician’s clinic or office. As per these companies, this service is more convenient in contrast to even video telemedicine as patientscan text a doctor as they ride a bus or wait in queue at a store.

Millions of people in the US now have an access to such services. The firms are expanding rapidly, thanks to the support for enhancing care access, keeping patients healthy as well as limiting visits to emergency visits.

These firms say that they take proper steps to make sure the safety of patients and suggest in-person visits to doctor when necessary. They say that complete medical history of a patient isn’t important in every case. The doctors dot even need to check vital signs such as blood pressure and temperature always, note these companies.Doctors can also opt for a phone or video conversation when required.

Notably, these message-based service providers estimate that they can solve over 80% of their healthcare cases via chatting.


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