Fight over colonoscopy sedation raises big medical questions

Fight over colonoscopy sedation raises big medical questions


Anesthesia propofol helps to put a patient to sleep a little faster, brings him/her out of oblivion much quickly and might aid doctors to discover more precancerous polyps during colonoscopy in contrast to the conventional mediums of sedation.

However, do these benefits give a justification for the $300-$500 extra amount per patient?

This is a major question in the nation as propofol preference grows among gastroenterologists while a few health insurance firms, like Independent Health debate about the added expense.

Previous year, Independent Health found Gastroenterology Associates using employees from an anesthesia firm to administer them with propofol rather than doctors in practice themselves offering a conventional anesthesia.

The insurer ceased paying for this new protocol this August under some circumstances, maintaining that conventional means was only medically appropriate.

The ongoing debate between the practice and the insurer raises questions. Firstly, who should make decision regarding how medical care needs to be administered. Secondly, how many of American taxpayers and consumers can really afford to pay collectively for the healthcare.

The dilemma indeed is significant to several people.

Most healthcare experts and a few patients who received propofol have no issue with the use of the practice.

It is fine to pay added cost for an evidence-based medicine, they say.

However, there are some insurance firms who aren’t convinced yet with the new practice.

Well, only time can say what the final outcome of this dispute will be.


A part-time pharmacist by profession, Aaron studied various advances of medicine for years. He also showed keen interest in reporting and understanding the new improvements in medicine technology. As an editor of Vegan Columnist, he keeps an eye on the news pieces for quality while jotting down some of the most interesting news from medicine sector.

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