Hacienda doctor can practice medicine again after AZ Medical board dismisses case

Hacienda doctor can practice medicine again after AZ Medical board dismisses case


Dr Thanh Nguyen, involved in the Hacienda Healthcare alleged scandal, can resume his medicine practice again.

With a 5-4 vote, the AZ Medical Board dismissed Dr Nguyen’s case on Monday morning.

Dr Nguyen was a primary healthcare provider at the Hacienda center for a patient who had been raped by one of the nurses at the facility. She gave birth to a baby in December, without anyone diagnosing the patient’s pregnancy ever.

The medical license of Dr Nguyen had been suspended in January. Dr Nguyen spoke about the case first time in the recent medical board meeting.

No one could suspect pregnancy of the patient, including up till the day of her delivery, as she was inconceivable,Dr Nguyen explained to the board. The patient was surviving on a ventilator and could not even communicate, he added.

Dr Nguyen told the medical board that the patient weighed 125 pounds and had a flat belly and there weren’t even any obvious pregnancy signs.

He said that before this latest press coverage, he hadn’t been suspended or investigated ever.

He was extremely shocked upon hearing that his patient had been sexually assaulted, said Dr Nguyen. The board held a discussion about the case in detail and finally passed the vote in favour of Dr Nguyen.


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