Health Experts Suggest Some Nutrients Needed by Vegan Men


There are some nutrients like Vitamin B12 and calcium that men need to pay more attention to. Especially when they are consuming a plant based diet. Both the nutrients are important to humans regardless of gender. But people opting to make muscles or who workout more compared to others specifically need to add in these nutrients in their plate. Men who are building an athlete body or are looking at bodybuilder competitions should definitely pay more attention.

Vitamin B12 is important as it is needed for the development and care for everything from nervous system health, to bone and blood health. It assists the body in converting food to glucose providing energy for daily tasks plus bodybuilding exercises. Vitamin B 12 is found abundantly in non vegetarian food but vegetarians and vegans too have many options like soy products or cereals or plant milk. They can also opt for supplements to compliment their diet.

Calcium is a great body building nutrient. Men engaging in heavy duty body training or lifting weights in the gym definitely have adequate supply so that the pressure received on the muscles and bones due to exercise does not have adverse effects.

Vegans cannot have dairy which has ample calcium but there are many options which are way better and have a denser dose of calcium in them. Vegans should go for sesame seeds & oil, edamame, bok choy, kale, mustard greens, turnip greens, watercress, broccoli, chickpeas, calcium-set tofu, almonds and all fortified plant milks to make sure they get the right amount of calcium inside their system.


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