Healthier diet may help lift depression symptoms

Healthier diet may help lift depression symptoms


Young adults that eat a poor diet as well as feel blue could lift up themselves by shifting to a nutritious healthy diet, suggests a new study.

A healthy diet is more affordable than compared to medications, as per study lead author Heather Francis from Macquarie University, Australia.

The study raises the chances that altering your diet could act as therapy for improving symptoms of depression, she further said.

Francis and her team studied women and men from Australia, aged between 17 to 35 years in the study who scored increased levels on two anxiety and depression scales. This indicated high or moderate symptoms of high depression. Meanwhile, the participants even scored high in a questionnaire related to their sugar consumption and dietary fat.

The trial involved 76 participants who were randomly allotted to one habitual-diet group or one diet-change group. Those who shifted to a healthy diet experienced reduced depression symptoms post 3 weeks. Meanwhile, those who remained on a healthy diet for 3 months felt better in comparison to what they felt in the beginning, the researchers said.

However, as per Joseph Firth from University of Manchester, there isn’t any need to follow any complicated diet or secret formula. Simply eating healthier as well as being active can offer notable benefits, said Firth, who was not a part of the study.


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