Mexico Is Becoming Heaven For Vegans


Since the last 5 years people have chosen to adopt plant based diets and vegan lifestyles around the world. Mexican culture has seen a sudden rise in the people who have adopted the vegan culture.

Survey depicts more 20 percent Mexicans now identify themselves as vegetarians or vegans. Thus it is clear veganism is increasing in the country which used to primarily be non-vegetarian food lovers. Surprisingly, going vegetarian is not new to Mexicans. Their old traditions depict, Mexican food has been a mostly plant based cuisine and now the chefs are just creatively showcasing the old age heritage in the new plates.

With plant based diets fast gaining popularity new vegan restaurants have cropped in and around Mexico City. There are a few destinations at the forefront of vegan dining found in popular Mexican locales like Bonberi. Bonberi has collaborated with Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort (Los Cabos), to bring their diners a chic and colourful year-long vegan pop-up. They are collaboratively offering an alternative approach to wellness. They have programmed the pop up well with the food offered promising to bring you boosting energy, build your vitality and help you achieve overall well-being.

In Los Cabos, La Rana Vegana, as the name suggests, is an entirely vegan restaurant. It is the first complete vegan restaurant in Los Cabos offering the diners a range of foods from their favorite tacos and quesadillas to pizza and cakes. The restaurants with its offerings are asking vegans as well as the non-vegans to definitely try their unique mouth-watering food.

The House of Aïa brings you Palmaïa which is a sustainable wellness resort offering their clientele 100% plant-based menus across their four restaurants. They also give their guests an option to opt for non-vegan food items as optional add-ons. They have a variety of cuisines from Mexican, Mediterranean to Caribbean to offer their guests.


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