National Nutrition Month focuses on physical fitness and eating healthy

National Nutrition Month focuses on physical fitness and eating healthy


SAN ANGELO, Texas — March is National Nutrition Month. The educational campaign focuses on the significance of physical fitness and eating nourishing meals.

Recently, diets have been a popular thing to do when individuals strive to eat healthy.

Bailey Plutowski, registered dietitian and nutritionist, specializing in weight loss, diabetes, eating disorders and kidney disease, among others. Plutowski said the key to maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle is consistency.

“There has always been the word diet. You go on this diet for four weeks. You go on this diet for six weeks. What happens after that diet is finished? Did you create sustainability eating patterns or was it a short term,” Plutowski said.

Additionally, she said every person is different when it comes to choosing eating plans.

“I believe in sustainability and so with my patients that I work with, it sometimes takes a little bit longer,” she said.

Overall, there are many factors that play into deciding what works best for one’s nutrition plan.

“It’s not going to run properly and so having a dietitian. If you have any diseases that you have been diagnosed with or anything like that. Dietitians can help to identify what that is and treat it properly and so having someone monitor exactly what your nutrition needs are is so important,” Plutowski said.

Some questions she considers when talking to her patients include:

“I’m constantly asking my patients, ‘Do you enjoy what you’re eating right now? is this sustainable for you?’ I set small goals. Nothing crazy and that’s so we can ensure that it’s a lifestyle change and not a short lived endeavor.”

For more information on food and nutrition, check the United States Department of Agriculture‘s (USDA) website.


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