Nationwide cancer drug shortage sparks fear among parents, doctors

Nationwide cancer drug shortage sparks fear among parents, doctors


A cancer drug shortage across the nation has a Utah mom tensed for her young daughter having leukemia.

The shortage comes after the production of the cancer-fighting drug Vincristine was ceased by Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Vincristine enters into the bloodstream of the patient, targets the dangerous cancer cells as well as kills them, said the doctors.

As per Veronica Crowfoot, it is difficult to determine how to treat her 6-year-old daughter now as there are no substitutes.

Crowfoot said that they thought they may lose their daughter Hazel post she was diagnosed with leukemia 2 years ago.

There was one time when the doctors said that her daughter has just 24 hours, explained Crowfoot. It’s the most important chemotherapy which Hazel receives now.

As per Dr Richards Lemons, he as well as the organization Children’s Oncology group are extremely concerned about the whole situation.

Any shortage of drug, specifically for parents of kids that are being treated for cancer, can result in tremendous anxiety, said Lemons. They are monitoring the supplies closely, Lemons added.

He believes that they would be able to cater to the needs of their patients until new shipments of the drug arrive, further saying that the system needs to change indeed.


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