New cancer vaccine shows promise, helped kill cancer cells in patient

New cancer vaccine shows promise, helped kill cancer cells in patient


A vaccine which is presently being tested at Mayo Clinic reportedly has eliminated cancel cells among patients with breast cancer.

Lee Mercker, a Florida resident is the first breast cancer patient to take part in the clinical trial of one new vaccine post being diagnosed with the disease in its early stages this March.

Mercker was suffering from DCIS stage zero breast cancer, which means that cancer cells hadn’t spread in her body yet. She had three choices. First, to undergo lumpectomy for removing the cancer cells. Second, to have a mastectomy and get her breasts removed. Lastly, participate in a clinical research for a vaccine to remove the cancer cells and avoid their comeback.

She chose the last option, said Mercker of the twelve-week trial held at the clinic.

As per oncologist Saranya Chumsri, the vaccine is supposed to enhance the immune response of the patient in order to make the immune cells go and attack cancer cells.

Mercker explained that the procedure incorporated an array of tests and shots.

She still was required to undergo a mastectomy in order to ensure everything was eliminated properly. The researchers can test her breast tissue and access how well the vaccine really works.

The treatment is currently being tested on another breast cancer patient who reportedly is showing positive signs as well.


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