New fitness rooms coming to Lynnfield High School

New fitness rooms coming to Lynnfield High School


Christmas is pretty far off but a gift has been chosen already for the faculty and students at Lynnfield High School.

When the high school reopens post the holiday period, the 2 fitness centers at the facility will likely be renovated.

The Board of Selectmen, on Monday, approved investing $100,000 for purchasing new lighting, new equipment and brightening up the workout rooms.

As per Superintendent of SchoolsJane Tremblay, currently just 20% of equipment at the fitness centers work and it is a much required and appreciated renovation. The fitness centers have been in desperate need of a refreshment since past few years and will be available for everyone’s use at the school.

Robert Dolan, the town administrator said that though there are some free weights which can still be used, there are many cardio equipment that haven’t worked since years. He stressed upon the fact that the restored fitness centers are for everyone at the school.

As youngsters face social-emotional difficulties, he said that fitness can help play a major role in maintaining them healthy at the adult-supervised fitness centers.

Once the project gets approved, work will immediately start in the afternoon time during weekends as well as Christmas and Thanksgiving holiday period, said John Tomasz, Director, Public Works.


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