Nutritionists Debunked Biggest Plant-Based Eating Myths, and we are Surprised


People are getting more sympathetic to animals. We feel that they also feel pain and must not be forced to go through it. That’s why many people are giving up their meat-based diet and focusing on plant based diets.

According to Nielsen, nearly 40% of the people in America are trying to eat plant-based food. And almost 14% of the families have adopted drinking plant-based milk.

While many are embracing the lifestyle, many myths about it needed to be busted. That’s why nutritionists have debunked the biggest plant-based eating myths.

The first and most believed plant-based eating myth is, plant-based eating lacks protein. But on the contrary, plants also have protein. In America, protein has a huge demand because of the bodybuilding lifestyle. However, if one wants to stick up in protein, then they can consume beans, legumes, peanut butter, soy milk, tofu, tempeh, nuts, and seeds to their daily diet. All these are plant-based food, yet they are rich in protein.

Another myth about plant-based eating is, it is expensive. But if you consume unprocessed plant protein foods like beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds, then a plant-based diet can be cheaper than a typical meat-heavy diet. Dawn Jackson Blatner, who is a registered dietitian nutritionist and author of Superfood Swap and The Flexitarian Diet, said that eating unprocessed plant protein foods can actually be a low budget than a meal plan that includes meat.

Plant-based food is often thought a part of veganism or vegetarianism. But that’s not true. Veganism is about shunning everything that is animal-based, even milk or eggs. And vegetarians eat eggs and dairy. But a plant-based diet means focusing on whole plant foods; it does not in any way mean eliminating any nutrient or food group.

Another myth that needs to be debunked about plant based diet is, it is not very filling. The truth is that one feels less hungry on a whole-food plant-based diet than on a diet that’s low in fiber and high in sugar.

So you see, we are actually not in the food world we believed to be living in.


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