Salmonella cases linked to pet turtles in Washington

Salmonella cases linked to pet turtles in Washington


Two salmonella cases associated to pet turtles have been discovered, said the Washington health officials.

One of the cases has been reported in the Whatcom County while the other in the Kitsap County, confirmed the officials.

One person had been hospitalized.

The doctors warn people, particularly kids, to wash hands properly after handling their pet turtles and to prevent touching their face. Kids below the age of 5 years and people having weak immune systems are more prone to the risk of contracting salmonella.

Salmonella can result in a fatal or deadly illness, said epidemiologist Hanna Oltean from the state Health Department. People must know that amphibians and reptiles carry salmonella and they can prevent contracting and as well as spreading the disease by learning the techniques on how to handle their pet safely, Oltean added.

The department said that these aren’t the first cases of salmonella associated to pet turtles. Several reptiles such as snakes, lizards and turtles can carry salmonella bacteria in their body without even showing any health issues or symptoms.

The common symptoms of the disease include stomach cramp, severe diarrhea and high fever.

Notably, 21 people across 13 states caught the salmonella infection in this recent outbreak while 7 people were hospitalized.


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