Sun Pharma is accused of distributing medicines in Washington state without a license

Sun Pharma is accused of distributing medicines in Washington state without a license


The Washington Health Department is currently reviewing one complaint filed against Sun Pharma. The complaint alleges that the firm has been circulating medicine samples in Washington since over two years now without any necessary license.

A spokeswoman for the department explained that currently the complaint is under the review process. However, this is just the early stage of the standard process and the Washington Pharmacy Commission should determine if there is enough evidence to begin a full-proof investigation, she added. The amount of time this would take or if there exists a timeline to take a decision is not known yet.

This is the second complaint filed against the world’s biggest generic medicine manufacturer for such kind of infraction. Recently, Sun Pharma experienced one similar issue in Alabama. At the time, the Board of Pharmacy for the Washington State was considering whether it should renew the permit for distributing medicines post discovering that the firm had been shipping medicines despite expiry of its license around 2 years ago. The board gradually granted the firm a license and Sun had paid a fine of $21,000.

A spokeswoman for Sun said that the firm is working with the board to make sure that all the important licenses comply with the licensing requirements of the state.


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