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Vegan Diet Is Better For Weight Loss Than Mediterranean Diet


The vegan diet culture is gaining momentum. Not only is it healthy but it is good for the planet as well. A vegan diet is more effective when it comes to weight loss than the Mediterranean diet.

A Mediterranean diet consists of vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, beans, and whole grains. But it also includes poultry and eggs. Which makes it different from the vegan diet which is completely plant-based. A study by the American College of Nutrition found that a vegan diet helped people to lose 6 kg in 16 weeks, while there was no change in mean weight on a Mediterranean diet.

Until just recently it was believed that both the diets helped to improve body weight and cardiometabolic risk factors. But the new study found that a vegan diet helped with weight loss, body composition, insulin sensitivity, and cholesterol levels, compared with a Mediterranean diet.

The study was conducted for 16 weeks. Few students followed a vegan diet of plant-based food but others had a Mediterranean diet. The study found that the vegan diet led to a decrease in total and LDL cholesterol levels by 18.7 mg/dL and 15.3 mg/dL, respectively. But it was found that there were no significant cholesterol changes on the Mediterranean diet.

A vegan diet is much more effective if one wants to lose unnecessary body fat and follow a healthy lifestyle. The blood pressure was also affected by both the diet regime. There was more change in blood pressure due to the Mediterranean diet than the vegan diet.


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