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Vegan Diet Reduces Risk of 50 Deadly Diseases


Vegans are less likely to get diabetes, cardiovascular disease, rheumatism and allergies, according to Murat Kınıkoğlu who is an internist and cardiologist practicing in Turkey’s capital Ankara.

Kınıkoğlu was 54 years of age when he started practicing veganism after his brother’s death which was caused by a heart attack. His parents and siblings were all cardiac patients he thought cardiac problems were inevitable. Thus began his journey into turning vegan.

The cardiologist read studies written by Dean Ornish and Caldwell Esselstyn and understood that the heart vessels get wide due to the plant-based diets. Thus he decided to act upon the suggestions by Ornish and Esselstyn who are both physicians in the U.S. They have conducted research on the same topic and written books based on plant-based diets.

Kınıkoğlu read more studies and books to conclude that to avoid any type of heart disease is to eat a low-fat vegan diet. Thus he changed his diet to include more plant based food and eliminate animal based food stuff from his diet. He started feeling better and lighter ethically too.

Now he says that vegan diet reduces the risk of most common diseases from high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, heart problems and other such deadly 50 diseases. Vegan diet also helps in maintaining mental health. Vegan diet combined with low use of fat and sugar turns out to be a perfect diet to reduce the risk of heart attack, breast cancer among women and prostate cancer among men by 30 percent.


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