Veganism Can Solve Water Crisis In India


The whole world is dealing with issues of depleting resources. Water is an important resource for survival. WHO has its target set for 2025. But its reports suggest that none of the nations is in sync with the plan and every country is taking resources for granted.

The development has to be made sustainable at any cost. Going vegan is one such step. The Holocene in which we are living right now is moving towards its 6th mass extinction. Meat consumption is one of the major reasons for loss of biodiversity.

In terms of losing biodiversity as a direct product of food consumption, Brazil tops the list. Sadly, India is sixth fastest in this. But the future isn’t as grim as it may sound. By just adopting veganism the water use in the subcontinent will be reduced by 50 percent. This can act as a major saviour of the resource.

Murli Dhar, director of sustainable agriculture, WWF India states that the loss of biodiversity in case of vegetarian and flexitarian diets aren’t too different. By the existing vegan diet patterns a species would be lost every four years. The case with vegetarian diets is every 3.5 years or so.

It is easier for a country like India to adopt Veganism considering its existing vegetarian diet. Unlike other countries that have meat eating patterns it is easier for people in the subcontinent to adapt. The only hindrance can be letting go of dairy as a huge population has dependence on dairy and dairy products.


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