Vegans Can Choose To Steer Clear From Covid-19 Vaccine


The new corona vaccine is amidst controversy online after people found it has been tested on animals. The move has been slammed by the people online. But it is known fact that all vaccines have gone through animal testing always and the animal products are used in the genetic makeup of an immunization quite commonly.

The Vegan Society took to social media platforms to release their statement addressing this issue. They have said their view and said in case of Covid-19 vaccination is important to control the pandemic and save lives. At this stage it is impossible to create a vaccine that has not been used on animals. The currently available vaccines are all tested on animals.

The organisation further wrote that this is the most important time for them to talk and define veganism in context of medications especially the vaccines. They realize it is not always possible or practical to avoid animal use particularly in medical conditions. Also the people are advised to think of their health first and fellow humans before taking any decision on the vaccine.

As of now the vaccine is not compulsory thus the vegans can make a choice according to their beliefs. Everyone needs to make an informed decision about the vaccines. People need to realize their responsibilities and make a decision keeping in mind the definition of veganism with support from their local healthcare team. According to regulators in addition to the vegans there are people who have had allergic reactions in the past or are prone to having allergic reactions should stay away from the vaccine.


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