Virat Kohli Reveals why he Quit Meat and Turned Vegan


Cricket fans are well aware of the name of Virat Kohli. He is one of the most consistent and aggressive players in the history of cricket. Kohli became a part of the Indian Cricket team when he was very young. He was also the captain of the under 19 cricket team which won the world cup in 2008.

Virat Kohli has been a deducted player. He trains like a beast, but he also needs to eat the same way. Virat comes from a typical Punjabi family which consisted of great foodies. Kohli was also a foodie, and he is still one given he has his restaurant.

Virat was a huge meat eater, and he consumed meat at an alarming rate. But everyone was stunned when they found out Virat has suddenly turned into a vegan. Virat shared his story of transformation, from a hardcore meat-eater to a clean diet vegan.

Back in 2018, when the Indian Cricket Team went on a tour of South Africa, Kohli suffered from pain in his little finger. When he did the tests, he found out that his cervical spine bulged out, and it compressed a nerve that was running straight till the little finger of his right hand. That’s why there was unbearable pain in his little finger, and he was not able to play correctly.

He revealed that because he was overeating meat, his body was producing too much uric acid. That led to problems like acidity. It also meant that he was overloaded with uric acid, and did not have balanced nutrition. His body lacked calcium, and that’s why his body was pulling it from his bones, which made his bones weaker.

Since then, Kohli decided to cut off meat to return his body to normal. That decision still sticks as he finds vegan life healthier and satisfying.


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