Wild Flour Pizza Tops The List Of Best Vegan Takeaway Options


Using TripAdvisor data, diet plan website Exante has come out with a list of the best vegan takeaway options in Brighton and Hove, according to which Wild Flour Pizza in Ovingdean has been ranked the best. Reviewers of tripAdvisor site ranked the Wild Flour Pizza as ‘excellent’ . There are a list of options on the site and each restaurant offering plant-based options for takeaway and delivery were ranked.

The owners of Wild Flour Pizza, Virginia Phillips and her husband Christopher, bought a pizza oven for their garden and after the product was introduced their restaurant grew organically. Four years ago it had started as a pop up in their back garden. The couple did many supper clubs. And with time it grew into a business as people kept coming for more.

Something which started as fun is now a business that is getting busier each passing week. According to Virignia, “We’re really growing and it gets busier every week – it’s just gone bananas.” They are getting extremely good reviews on TripAdvisor and it is making them really happy. They are passionate about their place and it is wonderful to see positive feedback for the same.

Wild Flour Pizza offers the diners many vegan versions of various pizzas. The vegan pizzas are the most popular. The Wild Flour Pizza Vegan Duck Special has a tomato base, vegan mozzarella, morsels of vegan duck in Moshimo Teryaki sauce and is dressed with Korean pickled cucumber, chilli, onion and sesame seed.

Virginia says that they do not limit themselves and keep trying new vegan products, vegan cheeses and butters to give their customers something new every now and then. Their mushroom pizza with a vegan butter, balsamic and truffle oil is quite popular as it’s rich in texture and taste. They make sure they deliver within a mile of 2 mile radius as Pizza is best when served hot and fresh out of the oven.


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